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Commission an oil painting by Michael Lees

Oil paintings of working marine life in sail, of the English countryside and of the Air Force, Navy, Army and lifeboat service

Hobar off Clovelly

The 'Hobah' off Clovelly

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Realism and emotion in an Oil Painting

Emotions are stirred and memories revisited each time you look at your own oil painting as it tells your story. Friends, colleagues and future generations are moved by it and understand your feelings as your story comes to life.

This web site has a glorious library of original paintings by Michael. They are not for sale as all are in the hands of owners - to whom they are giving joy every day.

Michael rarely has a painting for sale or exhibition as they are bought within days of completion. But the intention of the site is to give you the chance to see his work, understand his ethos and decide whether you want your story told in an oil painting for your pleasure and for the wonder of future generations.

Horses on beach galloping

The Ethos behind Michael's Painting

Michael's ethos is to stir and brings to life the emotions of others. He wants to be inspired by the story behind your commission and to understand what emotion and story you want your painting to show. He wants you to rejoice in the painting for many years and recall your emotions each time you and your friends and colleagues see it - and then wants future generations to be stirred by it and understand your feelings and your story

Michael only feels his paintings succeed if you are stirred by what he brings to life. His ethos is to serve the understated, quiet, traditional English working man and woman. His paintings reflect and bring to life the emotions of others. They are not selfcentred, or elitist; they are not designed to shock, horrify, disgust or ask for understanding. The stories and paintings are designed to delight and inspire, move and stir the emotions with memories and wonder for unknown, unsung heroines and heroes - in other words to tell your story.

Commissioning your Oil Painting

Michael is a very sought after contemporary artist but he always tries to fit in commissions that tell a fascinating story and inspire him - often the story is unknown or understated. Please talk to us as soon as possible if you want to commission a work of art as his commitments build up rapidly. He rarely has an exhibition as his paintings normally sell before the paint is dry for between £2000 and £10,000.

If you want to enquire about commissioning a painting then his brother, Richard, will ring or email and then talk to you so that he can see if Michael can fit your commission in. He will then, if it can be fitted in, get you and Michael together so Michael can understand the story you want to tell and see the detail and information you have. Michael will then think about it and give you ideas about how he will bring your story to life.

sunderland aircraft and launch Plymouth

Collectors Information

If you want to keep in touch with Michael's work, his occasional exhibitions, hear the story behind them, and watch paintings whilst being painted then we will keep you in touch with an eletter. We will not spam, and the letter can be stopped at any time. If you want us to keep you in touch with his commissions, the stories he is painting, the way he is painting them and join the other collectors and admirers of his original paintings then please enter here.

If you already have a Michael Lees original, or a print of his work then please let us know as we like to offer additional services at a reduced rate to those who have his work.

The Owners

All the paintings on this site have been commissioned or bought by people who want bespoke fine art. Our owners are private individuals and families, sailors, farmers, horsemen and women, and those who love the English countryside. Major corporations, servicemen and women, businessmen and women, charities and Army, Navy and Air Force units all own Michael's paintings.

longhron cattle and farmer

Paintings for Sale

Michael's paintings sell so rapidly he rarely has an exhibition. Occasionally he paints a painting which is not commissioned and is for sale. You have the occasional opportunity on his newsletter to see it develop, arrange a quick visit before it is sold and purchase a unique and valuable work of art.

".. "..the real highlight for me was the reaction of the audience when your painting was presented. Clearly the guests were aware that we were presenting some form of picture as the rear of the frame was evident, but the sheer gasp of amazement when I turned it round to present was truly amazing and so uplifting. Thank you so very much" (Letter from Exxon Executive on a painting of the ship Pavel Chernysh)
'A fantastic painting that everyone must see'
Admiral Roy Clare Director of the National Maritime Museum - in his opening speech at the Royal Society of Marine Artists' annual exhibition - on a painting 'Stand by to Recover Aircraft'
Michael's landscapes reflect the beautiful part of Devon where he lives; even the chickens and cows breathe life as he periodically looks after a friend's farm!
Michael's first professional exhibition was of horses at the home of horse racing at Newmarket. He sold 42 of the 44 paintings on the opening night. Since then each of his oil paintings sells for thousands of pounds, normally before the paint is dry.
Michael's boats look right as he sails and maintains two antique dinghies and a classic sailing boat.
Michael's open seas surge and dip with a movement and transparency that is based on his observations and experiences as a lifeboat crewman.
After moving to the West Country Michael had a solo exhibition covering all his subjects that sold 48 of the 50 paintings on the opening night.
"you painted a picture of a spitfire of 601 Sqn for my father’s retirement from the RAF after 35 years service.  For many years it was his pride and joy which often was the talking point that provoked him to tell war stories of his time in the desert.  Although my father has now died the painting still hangs in a central position in my Mother’s flat where it has been for the past 20 years."
Michael's aircraft have the sense of realism gained from serving as a pilot in the Royal Air Force.


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2007 The art of Michael Lees Station Farm Barn, NR35 2EW United Kingdom

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